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Finding the Right Locksmith Company

When choosing a locksmith you should be very selective as there is a possibility that you could find a company that does not have your security at heart. Many service industries including locksmith companies, can use some rather unsavory tactics to entice unsuspecting customers. Some companies use local phone numbers that forward to call centers who then contact a member of their service provider
network located in the city where the call originated. They can use fraudulent websites and Google Map listings to displace legitimate local businesses in internet search results thus creating a false sense that a legitimate local business is being contacted by the consumer. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Claims of being a local business
  • Use of unskilled technicians & providers
  • No business insurance or bonding and no business registration or licensing
  • Actual pricing not disclosed to the caller
  • Quoting of one price then substantially increasing it when the job is done
  • Performing of unnecessary work to increase the final price
  • No proof that technicians are from the company named on the website or search result
  • Multiple local or national websites or Google Map listings pointing to the same call center

How to Keep From Being a Victim

  • Find a locksmith BEFORE you need one
  • Check company reviews
  • Choose a local registered business
  • Use *67 to block your number
  • Ask for a guaranteed price
  • Ask for references
  • Ask about warranties & refunds
  • Ask what type of payment methods
  • Ask for a receipt
  • Pay with credit card so you can dispute

Again, be very selective when choosing a locksmith company. Here is a list of things that you can do when researching which locksmith company is right for you.

  • Look at the company’s Google reviews for both quality and quantity
  • See if the locksmith company is a member of a local chamber of commerce
  • Look at the company’s Facebook profile and see if they are active
  • Make certain that they quote a fairly accurate price
  • Use the BBB website to see if there are any complaints against the business